The emotion produced by a Francesco Smalto creation is unique.

The iconic piece, the suit, is the result of a work of excellence.

Jackets and dinner jackets are the key pieces of the elegant man's wardrobe.

Even today, the Smalto style is based on essential elements that give it a unique personality immediately recognisable to any discerning amateur.

The Smalto shoulder

 The Smalto shoulder is a demanding search for balance: hand-tied, it is structured but without excess. Its narrow, fitted and slightly curved egghead armhole allows the collar of the suit to remain in place behind the neck.


The Seam Notch

Some details, such as the famous "square" lapel notch or "Smalto notch", have become classics in the world of men's elegance.


The Travetta 

  A unique detail of the suit, the Travetta is a small hand-stitched strap that reinforces the angle between the collar and the lapel.

This handmade buttonhole uses the traditional "Milanaise" technique, with a slightly embossed finish. A discreet detail which speaks volumes about the quality of a garment.

The handmade eyelet buttonhole uses the "eyelet" technique, with a slightly embossed finish. This buttonhole was originally designed for a flower.