Which accessory for which outfit ?


The belt

The belt remains an essential accessory of men’s wardrobe. It represents the finishing touch from formal outfits to informal ones.

How to wear a belt ?

It is possible to wear a belt in any circumstances, but it is essential to hide it while wearing a three-piece suit (as it breaks the line). If you are small, it is recommended that the belt is not visible, at the risk of breaking your silhouette instead of increasing the length of it. While wearing a tuxedo, the only belt that will do is a cummerbund.

Which color, which material ?

The basic rule is to match the belt with the shoes.

For the formal part:

  • If you have brown leather shoes, you should wear a belt with the same color.

  • If you have calf-skin suede shoes, you should wear a belt with the same material.

However, for the informal part, avoid wearing white shoes with a white belt.  In this case, you should rather use a dark blue leather belt.


Cuff-links represent one of the very few jewelry pieces for men. This is a discreet accessory that can tell a lot about your personality: in rhodium-plated sterling silver or in lapis-lazuli, these can also be translated in precious stones. They were previously reserved for formal occasions or important business meetings. Nowadays, they are getting more and more popular since men have regained the taste for classic elegance.



The umbrella

Useful accessory, the umbrella can also be a key element to enhance a men’s outfis. In water-repellent wool and with a wooden handle, the Smalto umbrella will be your elegant partner for rainy days.