Ideal suitcase content


For a week-end 

  • A sports jacket for the evening.

  • An overcoat.

  • A heavy wool cardigan

  • Two thin cashmere pullovers including one turtleneck.

  • Two button-down collar shirts.

  • A flannel trouser and a pair of denims.

  • A pair of derbies with a rubber sole.

For a business trip

  • A dark suit for the evening and a lighter one for the day.

  • A gray flannel trouser.

  • Five shirts, including two white and the third one with double cuffs.

  • Five ties including a solid one.

  • Five pairs of socks.

  • Two pairs of shoes: one pair of black Richelieu shoes and one pair of derbies.

  • A couple of handkerchiefs with different patterns.

  • Two belts of distinct colors coordinated to the shoes.

  • Cufflinks, tie clip.