Which pieces for tonight?


For a cocktail

Nowadays, clothing instructions are increasingly less stringent. Thus, the commonly used “cocktail attire” remains, for many people, a very fuzzy instruction. However, this dress code is simple to understand: this is an early evening which is normally held after 6 p.m. it is a transition between the day and the night. Therefore, a cocktail attire is inherently a transition attire: neither too business nor too formal.

Wearing a suit and black shoes is highly recommended.

The evening

From formal “Black Tie” to very formal “White Tie” codes, the idea is simple:  making sure that men are nearly dressed the same way in order to highlight the grace and the uniqueness of women.

As the “White tie” code refers exclusively to the non-buttoned suit with the swallowtail, we will only mention some basic elements for “Black Tie” informal outfits:


  • Suit and lapel

Black or dark color (blue navy) single or double-breasted suit. Make sure there is only one button for single-breasted suits. Favor a peak lapel or shawl lapel with a contrasted material (satin or grosgrain). The Notched lapel is not recommended because it is less formal. Pockets should not have flanges and the back should not have a slot.

  • Shirt

White or black shirt with a black bow-tie.  It should match with the lapel material used for the suit. You can also choose a white or black shirt with “gorge” (also called American “gorge”).

  • Trouser

Conveniently, favor a flat front trouser with a stripe that goes with the lapel material used for the external seam of the leg. You can wear it with double-breasted waistcoat or a cummerbund.

  • Shoes

With respect to evening shoes: favor court shoes with black bow-tie or Richelieu shoes (slightly perforated). Both must be perfectly polished.