Fundamental rules for a casual look

Casual outfit

For the week-end, more than for the city, it is strongly advised to invest in some main pieces and organize your dressing room around them.

Main pieces:

  • A leather or exotic skinned jacket

  • A three-quarter raincoat.

  • Two sport jackets: the first one should be a “hunting” style tweed jacket with patch pockets and the second one more typed (car-coat, military jacket, travel jacket).

  • Three woolen and cashmere pullovers:  two turtlenecks and a round neck in order to wear a thick shirt under it.

  • A stitch cardigan with 5 buttons with or without sleeves, which is a basic item of elegance.

  • Five “button-down” collar shirts (opened or under a pullover).

  • Some Denims and velvet trousers (purple, grey, blue).

  • Three grey flannel trousers including one with cargo pockets.

  • Two woolen or cashmere solid scarves or with Paisley pattern shawls.

  • A pair of leather gloves.

  • A pair of boots.

  • A pair of Balmoral bootees.

  • A pair of derbies.

Street outfit

Regardless of your style and personality, certain main pieces allow you to be elegant at all times. They will represent the backbone of your dressing room.



Main pieces:

  • Three straight suits, including one with a peak lapel and one with a sweater.

  • A double-breasted suit.

  • Two sport jackets: in linen or cotton for summer, and in tweed or woolen for winter.

  • A single or double-breasted coat

  • Two gray flannel trousers.

  • A hoodie and a cashmere pullover.

  • Two pairs of jeans.

  • Ten shirts, half of which should be solid and three with stripes. Two of them should be in Sea Island cotton for summer.

  • A dozen of ties, half of which should be in solid silk.

* Favor classic tones: blue ones as the Navy and all the shades of gray. Chalk stripes also constitute a safe bet. The black suit, reserved in theory for funerals, is not essential. It will rather be replaced a beautiful navy blue.


The ideal is to have a minimum of six pairs to keep from wearing the same one twice in a row. This will let 48 hours between two pairs (what guarantees a real sustainability).

  • Three pairs of Richelieu: two in black color and one in brown color. Favor perforations and cut-outs (brogues) in brown shoes.

  • If you are following the conventional rules, you will have to put on your shoes after 6 p.m. After this hour, the brown color is no longer permitted.

  • Two pairs of derbies: a black one and a brown one. Even if they are getting more and more popular in the city, derbies are traditionally perceived as more casual.

  • A pair of loafers.

According to your taste, you could also wear Balmoral or “whole cut” bootees. Finally, make sure to polish your shoes to give them more character and personality.