Color therory

The color coordination is one of the most misunderstood subject by men who aspire to be elegant. Here are some basic rules, very simple to apply, to improve your appearance.


The complexion

  • If you have a ‘contrasted’ complexion (dark hair, dark-skinned), dark solid colors (navy blue, brown, dark gray, burgundy) or strongly contrasted ones (blue-oil, purple) will highlight your face. For best results, add a white shirt and a solid-colored tie. In general, do not hesitate to wear one element with a bright color to ‘break’ your outfit. 
  • At reverse, if you have a ‘pale’ complexion (blond hair, fair skin), solid or patterned healing colors (sky blue, light gray, pink) will highlight your face. Add a white shirt with small scratches and a tie with the same tones. Do not try to ‘break’ your outfit with too bright colors. It will darken your face.




On weekdays

  • At any time: Richelieu, Derbies, loafers (favor black or brown colors),
  • In the evening: Black Richelieu shoes.

On weekends

  • Gold derbies,
  • Loafers,
  • Bootees.

For formal functions

  • Black Richelieu shoes,
  • Opera shows.

The more the shoes are perforated, the more they become ‘casual’. Traditionally, Richelieu shoes are more formal than Derbies (worn during leisure activities). It is common practice to wear only black shoes on the evening as it is discouraged to wear clear brown or Gold shoes with a dark blue suit.