• Maison Francesco Smalto sponsor of an exhibition mécène de l’exposition « Masculine / Masculine. The Nude Man in Art from 1800 to the present» at the Musée d’Orsay

    “The beauty of a suit lies in the simplicity of each gesture it took to create it” explained Francesco Smalto, who has always considered himself as a sartorial architect.
    Through his relentless study of the human body’s lines and limitations in his search for perfect proportions, he achieved the balancing act of dressing the man without ever hindering his movements. It is through the art of bespoke that Smalto achieved quintessential sartorial knowledge and skill. Since 1962, the Maison has drawn elegance from each gentleman’s unique features, consistently concealing flaws and enhancing assets.
    Elegant paradox: By becoming the sponsor of an exhibition celebrating the nude form, the Maison Smalto intended to pay tribute to the artists who so masterfully “discovered” the male figure, the keystone of the Francesco Smalto allure.
    The exhibition is presented at the Musée d’Orsay from September 23rd 2013.

  • "L'Observatoire" Francesco Smalto in Cannes

    Francesco Smalto is pleased to present you the « Observatoire Francesco Smalto in Cannes », a 180-square meter exclusive hotspot overlooking the Palais des Festivals, located on the first floor of the Francesco Smalto store in Cannes transformed into the ultimate hotspot of the festival.
    Imagine the pictural atmosphere of a speakeasy bar during prohibition era, an homage to "The Great Gatsby", the opening film of the festival of Cannes. Give in to the charms of custom-created cocktails on the private terrace, offering the most incredible point of view on the red carpet.

    Youn Chong Bak, creative director of Francesco Smalto, has designed five must have essentials for your Cannes excursion including collector bow ties, a tuxedo jacket, a revisited white shirt, a velvet monogrammed sleeper and a slim business card holder in order to enhance your red carpet look.
    The exclusive guests will be offered a limited edition case including the ultimate must have :  the silk red carnation, the signature of the house, and three exclusive bowties designed by Francesco Smalto in order to shine during three key moments of the festival; daytime , cocktail and red carpet.
    We invite you to like our Facebook page Smalto to follow the latest news on the red carpet.

  • An Eye on the film industry by Francesco Smalto

    « Francesco Smalto celebrates the 66th Cannes International Film Festival and invites you to share his vision on the film industry … » With firm roots in the film industry, the famous French designer unveils « L’Observatoire » for the 66th Cannes International Film Festival, a 180-square meter exclusive hotspot overlooking the Palais des Festivals. Located on the first floor of the Francesco Smalto store in Cannes transformed into the ultimate hotspot of the festival, this unique and ephemeral activation exudes the spirit of a speakeasy bar, bringing together international celebrities and influencers from the luxury, fashion and movie industries in the most exclusive, cosy and intimate atmosphere.
  • Francesco Smalto and the cinema

    Francesco Smalto cooperates with the cinema since the creation of the House. From « Death in Venice » to « The Last Emperor » and « That Obscure Object Of Desire » and more recently « Largo Winch »… The made-of-measure referent lends itself happily to the exercise and leaves its elegance signature on the characters.
    In 2013, Francesco Smalto invites itself again in movie theaters, while signing in the production of Guillaume de Tonquédec in « The Scape Goat », with Nicolas Bary and Tim Roth in « Grace of Monaco » by Olivier Dahan.
    Smalto dresses by its sophisticated touches Romain Duris in « Froth on The Daydream » produced by Michel Gondry and Jean Dujardin in « Mobiüs » by Eric Rochand.

  • LesbleusbySmalto.com

    Francesco Smalto invites you to share his view of Frances’ team, thanks to a dedicated website where you will discover the backstage of this great game:
    www.lesbleusbysmalto.com where you will find a short "making of", the official photo and exclusive photos of the players, you will also find dates for upcoming games, news related to our partnership but also Smaltos’ artistic director Youn Chong Baks’ secrets of fabrication.

  • The House of Francesco Smalto and the Rugby Club welcomed the Toulon Rugby Club

    Invited by Thierry le Guénic CEO of Francesco Smalto, Jean-Laurent Garnier President and Karl Olive Director of the French Rugby Club, the Toulon Rugby Club players were received in the intimate setting of the Parisian Mecca of rugby where the evening was hosted. It was the ideal opportunity to recall the values that unite the French house of luxury with this exceptional rugby team. Values such as: teamwork, expertise and elegant gestures. Mourad Boudjelal (President), Patrick Bouquet (CEO), Bernard Laporte (trainer), and the players Maxime Mermoz, Alexis Plaisson and Delon Armitage were present at this occasion. During the evening which illustrated Smalto’s philosophy for whom elegance is a state of mind, Thierry le Guénic, with Bernard Laporte and Alexis Palisson - who was appointed spokesperson for the occasion - presented the Francesco Smalto on-field and off-field awards of elegance to two of the players nominated by their team : Delon Armitage was declared the most elegant on-field player. Maxime Mermoz was declared the most elegant off-field player. Both players received a made-to-measure Francesco Smalto suit which will be handmade in their Parisian workshop. At the end of the evening, Francesco Smalto and the RCT conducted an auction whose benefits were given to Abdel Benazzi, who had been invited to present his association: NOOR. NOOR’s mission is to develop education and the development of children's schooling in Morocco.

  • Smalto, official dresser of the French Football Team

    Smalto is pleased to announce its partnership with the French Football Federation as the official dresser for the French team : the House of Smalto will dress the players for the next four seasons (until July 2016). (Photo representing the sketch of the official outfit).


    Within the framework of its international development, the House of Smalto is pleased to announce the opening of a new store in Yantai, China presenting ready-to-wear, and casual chic lines as well as the made-to-measure service, which made Smalto’s fame across the world. In a very cosy atmosphere in the brown and beige tones, composed of wood, brass and dyed Plexiglas, the connoisseurs will recognize what made the Smalto signature: a selection of refined accessories, some exclusive fabrics, precious leathers as well as suits, tuxedos and jackets, all with this unique fall and inimitable shoulder. The House of Smalto has now 19 stores in China.


    « First delivery » - A unique and exclusive online service from the smalto.com on-line boutique. From December, smalto.com offers an exclusive service to the man who – during the holiday season – is chasing after time that has already run out. The busy elegant man, if ordering before 12:00, will receive his purchases on the same day from 5:00pm. The House of Smalto also thought of these elegant shoppers and their last-minute gift purchases: to save unnecessary stress, on December 24th they will need only place their order before 11:00am and the ultimate gift will be delivered from 5:00pm. And Christmas will then be nothing but calm, luxury and sensuality. « First delivery » - Online from December 2012. Delivery by an electric vehicle to Paris inner city. Free service until December 24th 2012.

  • Francesco Smalto, 50 years of masculine elegance

    Architect of the cloth and exceptional tailor, Francesco Smalto establishes his bespoke tailoring house in 1962 in Paris, imposing his unique style and silhouettes. His signature has become an international and essential reference on contemporary masculine elegance. This book presents the history of a unique designer, his inspirations and passions, but also the transmission of an exceptional artisan craftsmanship. Between tradition and modernity, the Maison Smalto offers a behind the scenes in-depth look at the art of bespoke tailoring with an introduction to the visible and invisible codes of sartorial refinement. A journey through the unique heritage of a timeless label, shaping masculine elegance for the last 50 years. "Beaux livres" - 40 euros - Available in the bookshops from November 29th 2012.

  • Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

    An influential Collection – a bespoke legacy that makes a statement. The House of SMALTO proclaims its know-how and its knowing how to dress. Everything here speaks of allure, elegance and precision of cut. Work on the architecture of clothes that echos Le Corbusier’s vision : structure, balance and functionality. As a variation of the same theme, it is the affirmation of a style favoured by Youn Chong Bak reworking the details that are the signature of the couture House; enriching each season of SMALTO expression with her contemporary eye. Intimately and with subtlety, each item from the Spring Summer 2013 collection is an invitation to discovery. This collection is the culmination of a long thought process resulting in a shrewdly calculated cuts. Only the finest fabrics are used, as is evident in this universe – silk, linen, super 150’s and super 180’s wool, all of an incomparable lightness. These are worked in combinations that are as luxurious as they are unexpected – suede and crocodile for blousons and safari jackets, elegant fabrics and lamb’s leather for chic outerwear. The colour palette is reminiscent of Mark Rothko’s paintings, with touches of colour washes, beige monochromes and a predominance of blues… ultramarine, cobalt and the Francesco SMALTO blue lapis lazuli.


    Smalto, partner since 2009 of the Toulon Rugby Club team, just renewed the partnership with the RCT. This elite team has been finalist in the French top 14 in 2012. The team includes outstanding players of international fame like Jonny Wilkinson, Matt Giteau et Philip Bakkies Botha.


    On the occasion of the last Vivendi Financial Golf 2012, the House of Smalto has made the 2 jackets of the winner’s tournament. They are posing on the attached picture with Colin Montgomerie and Darren Clarke.

  • Smalto certified "Living Heritage Company"

    This mark of recognition of the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment rewards the French firms for the excellence of their traditional know-how.
    Based on very precise critera – rarity, heritage and know-how transfer – the SMALTO House has been certified “Living Heritage Company” (“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” in French).
    In its bespoke workshop « Francesco SMALTO Couture » - composed of around twenty master tailors and based within the fashion house head office in rue de Bassano in Paris – SMALTO perpetuates and innovate in the bespoke tailoring since 50 years now. Thierry Le Guénic, CEO, is delighted about this official recognition of the house historical know-how and reminds about the fact that bespoke it at the heart of the strategy and thedevelopment of Smalto.

  • Made-to-measure

    Smalto proposes now a made-to-measure service for the shirt and the suit in a selection of selling points to bring a personalized answer to the lifestyles and to the morphology of every customer. A discrete luxury you have to guess and who’s not flaunted.
    The garments are made in an Italian workshop which respects in the perfection the tailoring tradition, the know how and the Smalto excellence which is rightfully famous for 50 years.
    Made only for you, tailor-made pieces are also made by you: you have the choice between several bodies, customization’s elements and a range of materials. The House Smalto is recognized for the quality of the fabrics. Sometimes rare, always fine, you will appreciate their exceptional touch.

  • The Groom-Service

    The elegant and hurried man can now do his fittings at home or at work: our on-line boutique offers an exclusif and unique service to the one who is running after the time he doesn’t have.
    Between two appointments, before a business lunch or a party – and after a selection on the website – the on-line boutique will send a Smalto delivery boy with your order.
    The elegant and hurried man will have then 30 minutes to choose, try, hesitate and finally acquire the coat and the suit so much coveted… No useless wait nor spare time, he will only keep the garments he likes and will give back to the Smalto delivery boy all the rest.

  • Fall-Winter 2012/13 Collection

    A wardrobe that appears obvious … the wardrobe of a contemporary man, marked by the casual elegance reminiscent of Steve McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair. The exact proportions, the fine materials and the audacious details; this winter 2012, Youn Chong Bak rewrites SMALTO vocabulary with a constantly renewed timelessness.
    Anglo-Saxon phlegm and Latin nonchalance, the silhouette is sharp, precise, clear and inspired by the tailoring of the House Parisian workshops.
    The SMALTO shoulder is upheld and the waist subtly adjusted. Tweed, caviar, chevron weaving: noble fabrics soften the silhouette.


    Smalto is an official partner of the world-renowned stable: the Luxury Racing with Ferrari composed of three 458 Ferrari contributing to 2 championships : the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) of which the 24H in Mans take parts and the FIA SRO International GT Championship.
    The team has obtained the title of ILMC car manufacturer champion with Ferrari in 2011.
    Luxury Racing plays on international racing circuits such as Sebring in the USA, TBD in China, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Imola and Monza in Italy, Sakhir in Bahrein and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.
    Anthony Beltoise, the top pilot of the racing stable will become a Smalto ambassador for the 2012 season.
    Anthony won the Porsche Cup France in 2005, 2006 and 2008 as well as the 24H in Mans in 2000 and 2001.