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Wedding collection Item# look7

Slim Cut Smalto Suit

€ 1850.00

This two-piece slim cut wool Smalto suit consists of a two-button jacket and straight cut trousers without darts. This model incorporates the distinctive features of the House: the rolled shoulder, the lapel forming a right angle, the Milanese buttonhole or the buttonhole on the cuff near the opening. Yet the quality of a suit lies in the finishing touches, invisible to the naked eye. The lining of the jacket has been made using the traditional "full canvas" technique to maintain the flexibility of the fabric and the shape of the jacket over time. The inside pockets are anchored with an invisible stitch to avoid distorting the shape of the jacket. The pack of the collar is padded with pure linen. And at each stage of the construction of the suit, every detail was ironed by hand before being assembled to give the jacket its shape, which lasts over time. The fabric of this suit is an unblended wool that is pleasant to the touch and its double-threaded navy fabric has a very unique but discrete stitch.
Item# 3607654604898

Greys cufflinks bearing the initials of Smalto.

€ 60.00

<p>These black cufflinks, pearly inside, refers to Smalto. Match them with a flared cuff shirt.</p>
Item# 3607654255656

The Bow-tie of the French Football team

€ 45.00

<p>Discover the bow-tie of the french football team outfit, essential accessory to enhance your evening figure elegantly.</p>
Item# 3607654495007