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The formal event Item# look9

Dual Button Smalto Suit

€ 1850.00

This two-piece Smalto suit for men has a dual button, semi-slim cut jacket and straight cut trousers. This suit is characterized by its many details, created for bigger sizes: Smalto shoulders roll slightly forward to provide an unmistakable ease of movement. The full canvas interlining ensures the jacket falls stylishly. The collar is sartorially mounted and the narrow lapel is constructed at right angles. Buttonholes on the cuffs near the openings offer elegance, but also facilitate alterations if necessary. The pants were made with the same comfort and elegance: the high waist keeps the shirt in place and the “V” construction of the waist keeps the fabric from riding up with the belt and its dual interior lining, guaranteeing the perfect fall. The black wool fabric has a thin tone-on-tone stripe with a slimming effect.
Item# 3607654604799

Straight-cut Smalto Plain Shirt

€ 190.00

This plain Smalto shirt is a must for the closet of any man who dresses to impress. Created in the spirit of haute couture, this shirt has offset sartorial sleeves for a perfect line. The hand-sewn stitches are visible on the buttons, the cufflinks and the shoulders. This straight cut makes it comfortable around the back, waist and wrists. This shirt is made from a 120 count double-stitch popeline that makes the fabric light, fun to wear and durable. This easy-to-pair model can be worn in the evenings or as a more causal look.
Item# 3607654615399

black Richelieu shoes

€ 340.00

These classic leather shoes feature five eyelets with perforations around the liner. The single-piece tongue ensures you have a strong and comfortable pair of shoes. These brogues will soon become an essential part of your wardrobe. The House of Smalto recommends that you wear them with a suit, to enhance their elegance.
Item# 3607654207372